Wednesday, September 8th, 2021
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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021
National Night Out 2021
SOMERVILLE – A multi-alarm fire Friday morning severely damaged an unoccupied building in the Somerville Parc Apartments complex on James Street.The fire appeared to have started in the at...
SOMERVILLE – The borough's emergency responders have begun the planning process for the long-awaited emergency services complex on Gaston Avenue.In late February and early March, repre...
EMS Operations

EMS/Special Operations Division

The EMS/Special Operations Division of the Somerville Rescue Squad is composed of several unique services and equally dedicated volunteer EMTs, Nurses, and Crew Assistants.


  • Basic Life Support Emergency Medical Services – Call 911
  • Non-Emergency Medical Transport
    • After 7 pm on weekdays and any time on the weekend. Call 908-526-4545 to schedule a transport. 72 hour advance notice is requested.
  • EMS Continuing Medical Education (see the Education/Training link)
  • Emergency Incident Rehabilitation
    • Somerville Technical Rescue Team
    • Somerville Fire Department
    • Mutual Aid to requesting municipalities upon initiation of a letter of agreement.
  • Technical Rescue EMS
    • To complement the Squad’s Technical Rescue Team the EMS Division has specially trained EMTs and Nurses who as members of the Rescue Team, provide medical oversight at the scene of a TECHNIAL RESCUE INCIDENT.
  • Mass Casualty Response with our 12 Patient Capacity Medical Ambulance Bus (MAB17)

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