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The Cadet Corps of the
Somerville Rescue Squad

Welcome to the Somerville Rescue Squad’s Cadet Corps web page.

The Somerville Rescue Squad Cadet Corps is one of the oldest of its kind in the state. Organized in the early 1980’s, the Corps remains strong with 14 active members, many of whom go on to become active in the adult organization. The Cadet Corps is composed of members ages 15 to 17 from the community of Somerville. As a member of the cadet core you will gain knowledge of what it is like to be an emergency medical provider.

Upon joining the Cadet Corps you will become certified in both First Aid and CPR. As you gain experience you can broaden your horizons by becoming a Certified First Responder or even an Emergency Medical Technician (once you turn 16 years of age). At the age of 18 and as a Cadet in good standing you will be automatically accepted into the Regular membership of the Somerville Rescue Squad and even have the opportunity to join the Technical Rescue Team.

You will have the opportunity to interact with members of the squad, police department, fire department and the community. You will increase your knowledge by attending classes, squad drills and events in the community. Most importantly, you will make a difference.

Membership within the Cadet Corps has its benefits. Cadets graduating high school may qualify for grants and scholarships, which targets teens who are members of Cadet Corps throughout the state. Additionally, there is a community college tuition reduction program established in the state that reduces the out of pocket expense if your son or daughter is an active member of a rescue squad or fire department while attending a community college within the state.

Some of the certifications available include:

First Aid: To be able to render medical care to someone who has been injured. Upon completion you will be able to make a sling, splint an injury, control bleeding and much more.

CPR: Is defined as Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation which means by performing compressions on a victims chest which will pump their heart and circulate blood within their body and you will also learn how to help the victim breathe to save their life.

First Responder: As a first responder you will be able to provide a more advanced aid by taking blood pressures, performing medical assessments to provide when they arrive.

EMT: As an EMT you will be fully certified to provide lifesaving care to a person in need. You will be able to give they oxygen, take their vitals, providing basic life support to many people that may not be able to do so themselves.

With any of these certifications and as a Squad Cadet you will have the privilege of serving your community and be a part of team that saves lives on a daily basis.

If you are interested in joining please fill out the membership request form or give us a call at 908-526-4545 and leave a message with your information so we may contact you.

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