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Technical Rescue Division

The Somerville Technical Rescue Team was formed in November 1999 as a result of the rapid changes observed within the technical rescue arena. The team consists of two tracks; a Technician track and an Operations track. Technicians must meet the minimal training outlined under NFPA 1670, including being a certified NJ EMT. The Operations track is for all non-medically trained individuals who have specialized training in certain areas that are directly applicable to a specific rescue discipline. The Operations category is designed for fire fighting personnel who can offer their specialized skills to the team, but are not EMT certified. They too must meet the minimal standards as outlines by NPFA 1670, for Operations level personnel, with the exception of being NJ EMT certified.

As of December 31, 2007 the Team has completed nearly 5500 manpower hours of training in such areas as water rescue, rope rescue, confined space rescue, collapse rescue, and vehicle extrication. All training meets the requirements outlined by NFPA 1670 and various other applicable standards such as OSHA.

Our rescue fleet consists of three rescue vehicles, which include an extrication crash truck, a technical rescue vehicle, and a light rescue vehicle. Each vehicle serves a specific purpose and house several specialized tools available not only to the community of Somerville but to surrounding communities as well. In 2007 a Collapse Trailer was added to the fleet. This trailer carries the equipment necessary to perform rescues in a trench or should a building collapse.

Our technical rescue vehicle carries approximately $150,000.00 of specialized equipment.

The Technical Rescue Team meets technician level training in vehicle extrication, confined space rescue, and trench collapse. The team meets operations level training in Rope Rescue and Swift water Rescue.

The team is available to any agency that requires specialized assistance in the aforementioned areas and can be called upon for primary response or through our Rapid Intervention Team (RIT).

The Somerville Technical Rescue Team opens its membership to anyone who possesses the desire to be part of an elite organization. If you live in the proximity of Somerville and have specialized training in technical rescue you may be considered for membership. Individuals who are certified as NJ EMTs may join the team without prior rescue training but must be willing to serve on both the EMS and Rescue divisions. For more information on joining the team or to schedule a training session with your team, please contact Rescue Captain at 908-526-4545. The Somerville Technical Rescue Team is always looking for training opportunities with other organizations with similar philosophies in technical rescue response.

You can request team deployment through Somerset County Communications at 908-526-2500 The following information will be required:

  1. Location of and nature of the incident

  2. Frequency or cell phone number of the Incident Commander

  3. What resources you are requesting (collapse team, swift water rescue, etc.)

Because of our teams design, Somerville BLS and Special Operations units will accompany the Rescue Team on all calls to provide direct support to our team for both medical emergencies and emergency incident rehabilitation.

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